Still alive!

Hey Folks,

I know it has been silent for here for a long long time but I have been in a reading slump basically  since November and don’t seem to get out of it. It’s so annoying. And I kinda stressing myself about it and I guess that makes it eve worse. But I really want to read all these review copies I requested. Duh, I hate situations like these. Do you have any tips on how to overcome reading slumps?

Otherwise, it got super wintery here in Helsinki. I was so sad when there wasn’t any snow for Christmas but shortly after the temperatures finally dropped and we got very little snow. Then after the new year, it got really cold. I mean…freezing cold…temperatures were between -20 to -27 Celsius (-4 to -16 Fahrenheit). Last night and this morning there was heavy snowfall but it’s getting warmer now…and I guess it will be plus something next week. Kinda annoying…never really pleased with the weather…too much of everything. Just kinda grumpy about it.

All in all, it really seems that my time in Finland is really coming to an end. I’m not willing to really go through snow and coldness and darkness for over and over again. It’s nice for 2…or 4 weeks…if I feel like it but I simply don’t wanna live it any longer.

One thing I look forward too, I will go to Germany in March to see my family. Can’t wait to see them – it’s been more than a year.



Are Audiobooks cheating?

Within the last days, I listened to various audiobooks while actually having a printed copy in my hands and reading along (most of the time at least). Generally for me it’s very difficult to actually focus on an audiobook solely while doing anything else where I can’t 100% focus on what’s being told (at least in English, it may actually be different when listening to a German book). It’s okay when I’m commuting or like today while cleaning, but I often catch myself drifting off and then I wonder “Wait! What? Where did this person suddenly came from?” It’s okay when I’m at home but feel already too tired to read myself, but not too tired to listen to an audiobook and read along during that.


Now I came to think about whether audiobooks should/can be seen as cheating because you are actually not reading it yourself but have it read to you? I often listen to audiobooks 1.25x or 1.5x faster (especially since some audiobooks are really slow) so that I proceed much faster with a book than I would when reading it myself (I’m a suuuuuper slow ready). On Goodreads, I do mark the book as an audiobook, but it usually always wanders into my “read”- shelf, and it will count towards my Reading Challenge. Of course, a Reading Challenge is all just fun and a number and still:

Can audiobooks be counted as “read” when you didn’t actually read it yourself but have it read to you and you actually just sit and listen?

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How to ignore your blog – a story by me.


Oh boy…I haven’t been on here for – can you even believe it – 7 months? I’m not sure if I should feel entirely bad about it or just laugh it off, because honestly, my life has not been very spectacular these last half a year.

Somehow, during last summer, while being more or less bored to death, I found a passion for books that I never expected to ever hit me so hard. So I spent most of my days reading or wandering through Berlin on the hunt for new and exciting books. Ever since, I must have read more than 50 books by now.

So you see there really wasn’t anything to tell. Back in Finland and when University started again, I still kept reading but otherwise I didn’t do much else, thus my life was kinda weird, especially since I didn’t had much courses at Uni…

But since the beginning of the month I’m doing my internship where I can either work from home or any other place I chose. Also, I have flexible work hours, which is absolutely fantastic! The reason why I think that is, that people feel different everyday. One day you are full of energy and feel like working for 10 hours and another day you just can’t get out of bed and will only for for 4 hours. Of course it’s important to find a good balance, as you will need to get your tasks and work done, but over all I really enjoy the flexibility and having the possibility to even work out of bed, if I want to.

In my internship I work more or less as an (research) assistant for a woman that again works for several companies herself but also owns her own small company. Typical tasks can involve to find suitable marketing communication/advertising agencies for a huge agency network in various countries. Or do to a deep research on a product and find out everything about it and the company producing it.

I’m very curious what new tasks given to me.

Back to work now!