Helsinki Coffee Festival 2016


Last weekend the Helsinki Coffee Festival took place for the second time and I took the opportunity to check out what it’s all about.


First of all, you guys need to know that Finland is the top country when it comes to coffee consumption. About 2.3 cups are what Finns drink on daily average but that’s probably only the lower end of the bar. Finnish people really do love coffee and when you visit your friends, it’s almost a custom to drink coffee.

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How my taste in coffee changed


Within the past months my taste in coffee changed drastically – to the better. While I was drinking just any coffee last summer, as long as there was just any coffee, I’m now very selective and rather have no coffee than bad coffee.

A little bit of back story

Last year after I got my coffee grinder, I bought coffee beans at Starbucks and thought they would offer good quality coffee. Especially when you grind yourself at home and right before brewing, the quality actually does get better. At first I was happy with the coffee and actually liked it, but nowadays, I think it tastes burnt and bad.

It can also be seen at their beans. They are super dark and splitter easily. The picture below show a medium and dark roast.
IMG_5035 IMG_5036

Of course this is only my very personal opinions! For others, Starbucks coffee is the best coffee ever, but in my very humble opinion, it tastes burnt.

In November I became part of The Coffee Box blogger campaign and actually got to know what good coffee actually should taste and look like, and what high quality coffee actually means.

While the coffee box doesn’t offer light, medium and dark roast coffees, since they try to treat beans individually and so get the best taste and all flavors out of it, many coffee beans from other coffee suppliers, especially that are roasted in large amounts, simply tend to taste not as good as coffees that are roasted more individually and on order.

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Coffee Chit-Chat #4 – Essentials for coffee lovers

Drinking coffee is so much more that just drinking coffee. We humans are very visual and we use our other senses like smell, taste and touch, too.

Therefore, there are, in my very humble opinion, a few things that are essential for every coffee lover. Please note that these are no must or a rule, but things that can improve drinking and enjoying coffee.


First of all and most important is the coffee. Preferably a high-quality coffee and bought as beans and ground just before consuming. Alone this will improve your coffee experience by 80% already. I never thought that spending a few Euros more would make such an improvement. But already with good quality ground coffee that you can get from the store, you will notice a change. But getting good beans and grind them yourself at home makes it even better! Continue reading “Coffee Chit-Chat #4 – Essentials for coffee lovers”

Coffee Chit-Chat #3: My coffee corner

I don’t know about you, but generally I like to have my things in place and make it somewhat nice looking. Sharing an apartment with 3 other girls doesn’t make it always easy and we have random things standing around like pots and frying pans, spices and once in a while some dished but generally there isn’t too much clutter.

As for me, I created myself a little coffee corner in the kitchen.


For that I simply got a tray from IKEA and put all the things there that I need to make a good cup of coffee;  my Wilfa Coffee Grinder (I recommend!), kitchen scale, French Press, the small pot I use to boil water (yes, I don’t have a water boiler!) , and of course high-quality coffee by The Coffee Box* that I usually storage in the cabinet above the tray to keep it as cool and dark as possible.


That way I have everything in one place. I can put water to boil, weight my coffee beans and grind them, pre-heat my French Press and make myself a great cup of coffee.


I guess next I will add an Aeropress and a Hario V60 to my collection of ways on how to prepare coffee.

*coffee provided by The Coffee Box.


Coffee Chit-Chat #2: Christmas presents for coffee lovers

Finding the perfect Christmas present for your loved ones isn’t always easy.  What to give to someone who actually has everything already and doesn’t ask for anything special? Giving gift cards is often seen as very impersonal and boring and what to do when you are not exactly crafty?

Well, for me personally Christmas shopping is horror. I never know what to give to whom and at the end I just buy some Finnish chocolates and give to all my family. But for everyone who really does love and enjoy good coffee I might have some nice idea.

With Christmas time starting now, days getting dark and colder, more windy and hopefully also snowy, it’s nice to drink something special after a long day at work or maybe even to wake up.

The Christmas Blend features tasting notes of Chocolates, Orange and Cinnamon without using any flavours. All the flavours and aftertastes of Oranges, Chocolates and Cinnamon in the Christmas Blend come from Brazilian, Colombian and El Salvador beans.

2015-11-21 10.15.53

No matter what way coffee is prepared, The Coffee Box* offers the exactly the grind needed for whatever method preferred. But if your friends (or even yourself) are so pro and have a own coffee grinder you can get the beans delivered and grind them themselves (yourself) just like you need and like it best.

So if you have coffee lovers as friends, parents, siblings, and/or grandparents and you would like to give them some very special and delicious coffee that has been made with love, The Coffee Box* is just for you! You can have it delivered directly to their address. The Coffee Box* offers a special Christmas Subscription that features either a 1-month subscription* or a 2-month subscription*. Each subscription includes 4 deliveries of coffee.

Make sure to find The Coffee Box on the following social media

*The links include an embedded discount code. If it doesn’t work, enter NORA5OFF during check-out. The coffee was sent to me for promotion from The Coffee Box. Thank you so much!