I’m so sorry that it’s currently so silent here but life is pretty crazy here. Good and also bad things are happening and I need to sort some things out before I can fix again 100% on blogging.

Tomorrow, Thursday, I will have an all-day business event that will be part of my thesis and it will be a very long, exhausting day, from 5 am where I need to wake up till 2-3am when I will get home and to sleep. The worse point is, that I have been sleeping really bad lately. I can’t fall asleep in the evening and often lay awake for hours until 3am or so. During day time I’m super exhausted and actually can fall asleep easily. I suppose my sleep rhythm is somewhere in LA time zone.


Anyway, I got some Melatonin pills yesterday and they helped a litte and I fell a sleep a little earlier last night although I woke up at 2am and was awake for a little while.

I hope I will get this little sleeping problem back on track and then I’m probably fit to blog more regulary.

I hope you understand!

❤ Fhina


Fhina’s Weekly Recap #14

So, finally back with

Fhina’s Weekly Recap – Sunday Funday


I’m so sorry I didn’t manage to post a weekly recap last week, but I was super tired last Sunday. I mentioned that my friend from Germany was visiting and it was so nice seeing her again. We spend super boring most of the time at home, watched Harry Potter and ate junk food. Saturday (last week) we went to this Meri Rock Cruise which was fun. So nice to see some bands live again.

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[Random]: The struggle of decision-making

This post is not about book but much more about life and its struggle as well as decision-making.


Some of you know that I’m a German expat living in the beautiful capital of Finland, Helsinki. This was my dream ever since I was about 14/15 years old! Back then I was a huge fan of the Finnish band HIM and I did crush on their frontman Ville Valo quite a bit. With the love for this particular Finnish band came the love for other Finnish bands, and at some point the love for the country itself and the language. But this is not what this post is supposed to be about after all.
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