About Me

Hi and Welcome to my cozy little book blog! I hope you like it here.

What is there to tell about me? Well, I’m a 28-year old student, currently living in Finland and about to wrap-up my studies. Living in Helsinki has been one of my dreams ever since I was a teenager and at 20, I made this dream come true. I have enjoyed these past years in Finland a lot, but no one ever knows how the story goes and what future will hold for us, and so I keep an open mind to experience whatever may come after my studies.

I started this blog out of the joy I have found for books and reading during the past year. Yes, I admit that I have never been a huge reader before, but last summer it hit me.
Isn’t it funny what happens when you don’t have wireless, are forced to live on a limited data plan (I have an unlimited data plan here in Finland but didn’t had in Germany where I spent my last summer) and you are too lazy to go to the internet cafe day after day?
Well, you become first of all very bored. At some point you have slept so much that you don’t even wanna sleep anymore and why wasting time watching TV when there’s nothing to watch at all in the first place?

So, to not die out of boredom, I picked up 2 books while I was traveling in Prague and a few more in Vienna, and I started to read. Soon it hit me and I wouldn’t do anything else all day long. Wake up early and read until late night.
Read, read, read.
That’s how I found my passion for books.

Recently I have merged this blog with an older, former blog I was writing. Now this blog isn’t only about books but also about life in general.

My favourite genres however are:

Young Adult
New Adult

And when I don’t read, watch booktube or drool over books, I love to spend some good quality time with my friends (rarely happens since we are all bundled up with work, thesis and studies), sleep, watch Netflix and workout.
Sometimes I have more time to read, sometimes less. It also depends on how tired I actually am from work and life in general.

Fhina ♥s:
reading, friends, food, cooking & baking, music, concerts, sleeping, languages, Finland, Helsinki, the sea (ocean), lakes, snow, autumn, summer, monkeys, 38° in summers, tea, writing, strawberries, taking long hot showers, Sauna, working out & fitness, …

false ‘friends’, lies, war, injustice, too much sun/rain/snow/wind, cold water, bad mood, screaming/moody children, …

If you have any questions, feel free to ask and contact me!



14 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hi Fhina. I have not done Feature Friday in so long and happy I did and you started following me. Love your blog. We have the same taste in books. I love that you have been to so many places. I graduated from the International school of Dusseldorf, Germany. I have many great memories from living in Germany.

    Thanks again for stopping by and following me.
    JoLee @ Wickedly Delicious Book Blog


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