Helsinki Coffee Festival 2016


Last weekend the Helsinki Coffee Festival took place for the second time and I took the opportunity to check out what it’s all about.


First of all, you guys need to know that Finland is the top country when it comes to coffee consumption. About 2.3 cups are what Finns drink on daily average but that’s probably only the lower end of the bar. Finnish people really do love coffee and when you visit your friends, it’s almost a custom to drink coffee.

Yet, in my opinion, I find that Finns enjoy just any coffee as long as there is coffee, not matter if it actually tastes totally burnt or like mud. Please take no offense dear Finns, I love you tho!

Luckily, within the past years, there has been a request and need for qualitative better coffee, and thus, many small coffee shops and roasteries started to operate and work together. And there are more and more people who seem to realise, that there is actually a difference between coffee and the quality, tastes and flavour of it.

However, this all should not be the main part of this article, much more I want to tell you what was going on at Helsinki Coffee Festival, what visitors could learn about and what specialities they could taste and explore.

The Coffee Festival was a 3-day event, the first day being for professionals and the other 2 days were open to all the coffee fans, enthusiasts and anybody interested in coffee and the culture of if.


Participating from the professional site were big players like Mokkamaster, Paulig, Johan & Nyström, and Wilfa but also small roasters and coffee shops like Good Life Coffee, Punainen Kirahvi or Kahvi Obscura. There was a very nice mix from big, medium and small roasteries which gave a great insight to the industry and its broadness.

Mainly and foremost, visitors had the possibility to taste coffee, take part in cuppings, explore the variety of coffees and learn how to prepare high-quality coffee at their own homes without owning a professional espresso machine. No matter what roasters you went to, you always got the possibility to taste and test their products. You could ask questions on how they roast their coffees, where the beans come from up to their sustainability and any kind of ecological values.


Sports persons acted as speakers and explained how coffee would benefit their workout and how coffee was a part of their daily routine and diet. Trends were introduced and discussed (I will do a post on that one later on) and what the future will bring.

And of course, there was some nice food, chocolate and ice cream available, too.

It certainly was very interesting for anybody who visited, since it’s still a rather small festival, people still had the chance to talk to the professionals and ask them whatever question they had.

I’m sure that the coffee festival will establish themselves within the Helsinki cultural events and can’t wait until it’s time for Helsinki Coffee Festival 2017!




Author: Fhina

Ocean soul. 31 years old book lover living in Helsinki, active reader and coffee addict.

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