March’16 Bookhaul

Oh my, oh my. What an insane month!
I didn’t only get around to read a lot, I also bought waaaay too many books. Oopsie!

But I have to say I didn’t buy a lot of books in December, January, and February so I think it’s okay to go over the tops once in a while. Also, I was on vacation at my parents’ in Germany and of course I had to order some (used) books while being there and I did a little shopping too…

So I accumulated 21 books altogether. I know, I know…it’s massive. I was hoping to be able to picture all of the books, but the package I have been waiting to arrive for ages, but they haven’t arrived yet and I lend the other book to my friend.

These are all my books. Please ignore The Demon King. I bought it long ago but my parents sent it with the rest of the books and I hauled it by accident…

Some of the books I ordered used from Rebuy, others I got on sale in German bookstores and others were just regular priced books. There are many German books – sorry guys! I will link you the English translation if available.

Sebastian FitzekNoah
Sebastian Fitzek Die Therapie / Theraphy 
Sebastian Fitzek Der Augensammler / The Eye Collector
Sebastian Fitzek Der Seelenbrecher
Sebastian Fitzek Abgeschnitten *Ebook (read)

Walter MoersEnsel und Krete – Ein Märchen aus Zamonien (read)
Walter MoersRumo und die Wunder im Dunklen / Rumo and His Miraculous Adventures

Sarah Lark – Im Land der weißen Wolke In The Land of the Long White Cloud
Sarah LarkDas Gold der Maori / Towards the Sea of Freedom
Sarah LarkIm Schatten des Kauribaums
Sarah LarkDie Insel der tausend Quellen / Island of a Thousand Springs

Silvia StolzenburgDer Teufesfürst (read)
Silvia StolzenburgDas Reich des Teufelsfürsten (read)
Silvia StolzenburgDie Launen des Teufels
Silvia StolzenburgDas Erbe der Gräfin
Silvia StolzenburgDie Heilerin des Sultan

Stephen KingFriedhof der Kuscheltiere / Pet Sematary (read)

Erik Axl SundKrähenmädchen The Crow Girl (read)

L.C. FreyTotgespielt *Ebook

Robert FossierDas Leben im Mittelalter



Author: Fhina

Ocean soul. 31 years old book lover living in Helsinki, active reader and coffee addict.

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