How my taste in coffee changed


Within the past months my taste in coffee changed drastically – to the better. While I was drinking just any coffee last summer, as long as there was just any coffee, I’m now very selective and rather have no coffee than bad coffee.

A little bit of back story

Last year after I got my coffee grinder, I bought coffee beans at Starbucks and thought they would offer good quality coffee. Especially when you grind yourself at home and right before brewing, the quality actually does get better. At first I was happy with the coffee and actually liked it, but nowadays, I think it tastes burnt and bad.

It can also be seen at their beans. They are super dark and splitter easily. The picture below show a medium and dark roast.
IMG_5035 IMG_5036

Of course this is only my very personal opinions! For others, Starbucks coffee is the best coffee ever, but in my very humble opinion, it tastes burnt.

In November I became part of The Coffee Box blogger campaign and actually got to know what good coffee actually should taste and look like, and what high quality coffee actually means.

While the coffee box doesn’t offer light, medium and dark roast coffees, since they try to treat beans individually and so get the best taste and all flavors out of it, many coffee beans from other coffee suppliers, especially that are roasted in large amounts, simply tend to taste not as good as coffees that are roasted more individually and on order.


IMG_5041 IMG_5034

You can actually see all the different colour shades a bean has and it really smells heavenly when you open the pack. Not burnt. But you can smell the different notes and tastes.

IMG_5039 IMG_5040

The same system is used by Black Fuel Trading Co. They also offer high quality organic coffee that is roasted on order and you can see, smell and taste it. You can taste the flavours and it’s not bitter or burnt at all.

IMG_5037 IMG_5038

One must understand that when you order coffee at the coffee box, Black Fuel Trading Co., or similar suppliers, the beans are roasted on order and shipped the next day, thus freshness is guaranteed.

Anyway, to get to the point:  when I made myself a cup of coffee from the Starbuck beans, I could not drink it because it tasted way too burnt. I already noticed this kind of burnt smell the beans had when I opened the package and the taste wouldn’t go away even after brewing the coffee, adding milk and sugar. It actually tasted so bad to me to the point it made me gag and that I couldn’t drink it anymore. It’s not only Starbucks coffee but many other coffees as well. The one you buy at the store. other coffee chains, the regular coffee at cafeterias, etc.

The same applied to any kind capsule machine systems such as Nespresso, Dolce Gusto and what not. I mean it’s not possible since the coffee is roasted in large amounts, it’s then ground, packed and sealed. Sure the sealing preserves some freshness, still flavor and tastes gets lost…

I know that I’m not a specialist and I know that many think that Nespresso offers high quality coffee, but if you really love coffee, you get your beans as fresh as possible, weight the correct amount, grind them, use the right amount of water (depending on how strong you like it/how much coffee you want) and use a timer.

Also, I would like to state that all opinions are personal. Photos are mine too.


Author: Fhina

Ocean soul. 30 years old book lover living in Helsinki, active reader and coffee addict.

5 thoughts on “How my taste in coffee changed”

  1. Uuu coffee! ❤ My favorite thing in,the world! I love dark roast because it’s only coffee I can drink black. Never liked starbucks coffee either. I mean yes it’s good! But all their coffee drinks have that taste. but I guess it depends a lot on the beans, some taste burnt, some chocolaty, some like nuts haha


      1. Yeah that’s true, haha maybe with too dark roasts. Oh I hate light roast XD bitterness is just unbearable, for example Juhla Mokka etc. what Finns usually drink


      2. Haha! Omg, Juhla Mokka is the worst!
        I guess generally it’s challenging to produce high quality with beans that are roasted in large amounts from and for large producers.

        Once I have used all the coffee I have at home, I will check out some of the local roasters here in Helsinki and see how I like them. If there’s nothing here for me, I will stick with coffee from The Coffee Box. Their coffee is just too good to be true. Unfortunately the Black Fuel coffee is really expensive (at 18$ for 250gr) and it takes forever to get here since it’s situated in the States, but the coffee really is good.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I know right 😀 or hmm Saludo! Seriously the worst. Ever.
        You have to let me know about local roasters in Helsinki! Maybe you’ll discover your (our!) new favorite coffee! Coffee Box sounds really nice, I have to give it a try when I can afford it hahaha 🙂 Hmm I really like Mövenpick coffee (they sell it in LIDL and some other stores) then Stockmann Herkku has great set of different coffee (s?) 😀 Not that they’re cheap or anything…


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