Coffee Chit-Chat #4 – Essentials for coffee lovers

Drinking coffee is so much more that just drinking coffee. We humans are very visual and we use our other senses like smell, taste and touch, too.

Therefore, there are, in my very humble opinion, a few things that are essential for every coffee lover. Please note that these are no must or a rule, but things that can improve drinking and enjoying coffee.


First of all and most important is the coffee. Preferably a high-quality coffee and bought as beans and ground just before consuming. Alone this will improve your coffee experience by 80% already. I never thought that spending a few Euros more would make such an improvement. But already with good quality ground coffee that you can get from the store, you will notice a change. But getting good beans and grind them yourself at home makes it even better!

The Coffee Box offers a variety of high-quality  and super delicious beans/coffee to a good price. Not cheap but definitely affordable and best, they deliver directly into your postbox! No need to go out! You can choose whether you want beans and ground coffee according to your choice of preparation. Each time The Coffee Box delivers, you will receive a different kind of coffee which. Make sure to use my discount code NORA5OFF to get 5€ off.


If you choose to start grinding yourself, you have a couple of options; 1st a hand grinder or 2nd. an electronic grinder. Personally, I have a Wilfa WSCG-2. And I love it!


But you can also buy a small hand grinder like the Hario Skerton MSCS-2TB.

Talking about preparation. What way you choose is up to you but even if you have already a regular coffee maker, here in Finnland Moccamaster coffee makers are very popular, but why not stocking up and try to make coffee with an Hario Pour Over or an Aeropress?

Or maybe just a simple French Press?


What else you need to enjoy coffee? Well obviously some beautiful mugs! And they even don’t need to be expensive. Just go to your nearest IKEA and buy some. They are often less than 3€.

bonor-jumbotasse-mit-untertasse-wei-__0337499_PE527012_S4 tillbaka-becher-wei-__0130125_PE284373_S4 jamnt-becher-blau__0237225_PE376618_S4 isgata-becher-versch-farben__0396378_PE562300_S4

All you need now is the right company, a good book or movie or just a nice walk by the sea.

I wish you all happy and peaceful Holidays, enjoy all the good food and even better coffee with your favourite people in the world!


*In cooperation with The Coffee Box.
Sources of the pictures are linked within them.


Author: Fhina

Ocean soul. 30 years old book lover living in Helsinki, active reader and coffee addict.

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