October Bookhaul

Hello & Welcome to my October book haul!

This month I bought 13 all together, 3 books were on sale, 3 were second-hand, one was for free and the rest were regularly priced books, but The Little Black Classics are only 1,90€ per book.

2015-10-31 13.08.12-2

Sara Raash – Snow like Ashes 

Rainbow Rowell
Carry on
Eleanor & Park

Veronica Roth
(Box set)

Penguin Little Black Classics
AnonThe Sage of Gunnlaug Serpent-tongue
AnonSinbad the Sailor
Friedrich NietzscheAphorisms on Love and Hate
Thomas NasheThe Terrors of the Night
Joseph ConradTo-morrow

All these books can also be purchased at Amazon Books* and most of them are available on Audible* as well.

So comparable to other months, it’s a pretty decent haul this months, at least price wise. For all these books I spent roughly 50€.


*These links are affiliate links. If you buy via these links, I’ll receive a small commission in form of Amazon Gift Cards.


Author: Fhina

Ocean soul. 30 years old book lover living in Helsinki, active reader and coffee addict.

4 thoughts on “October Bookhaul”

  1. Great haul!! I’ve been really wanting to read Snow Like Ashes! And all the Penguin Classic so €2! That’s a steal! Have a great time reading them all 🙂


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