Fhina’s Weekly Recap #13



Currently, it seems like the weeks are slipping through my hand like sand. I mean…another week is gone and it’s definitely and at last autumn here in Helsinki. It was rainy all week and the first trees show hints of yellow. Two to Tree more weeks and all the trees will be colourful and another 4 to 5 weeks and all leaves are gone.

Despite that autumn can be very dreary, I love this season. Crisp air, crunchy leave, the colours, sweaters and all. Unfortunately, this bleak time lasts way too long in Finland. Basically from Mid-September till nearly Mid-May. Of course there can be many beautiful days but often it’s only grey and dark.

How is autumn where you live?

This week was an important release week for most of us. Queen of Shadows  has been released and we were finally able to read on. Personally I loved every bit of this book. I will write a review after I’m done with this post and it will go online either tonight or tomorrow.

Otherwise, Netgally approved many of my requests this week. I’m nearly done with ‘All The Light We Cannot See‘.

Today I went to the library after a loooong time. It’s not like I haven’t any books on my shelf that I want and need to read but once in a while it’s so nice to check the libraries too. I took 3 Harry Potter books with me, one for Spanish learners and the first book of Game of Thrones in Germany, which is actually two books in the German version. I have the English book here but in case I’m struggling with the English I have a reference.

And I finally created myself a little reading corner in my room. You have to know that my room is rather small with 14m2 and sometimes it’s challenging to make such little rooms look nice, but I’m pretty satisfied right now. Now there’s my little armchair, table and bookshelf all in one corner and it’s pretty cozy. I can prop my feet up onto the radiator once it works (when there’s -20C outside…before it barely works…).

For next week I’m preparing a post about where I buy my books and I will hopefully be able to write some more reviews.

On Thursday, my best friend is coming from Germany, so I doubt I will be writing here and unless I have prepared something, I doubt there will be posts. But I hope I can write a Weekly Recap still. We will go to a Rock Cruise on Saturday so I will try to remember to take some photos.

2015-08-31 16.11.20
My office on Monday…
2015-09-01 23.57.20
2015-09-03 10.54.24-1
Reading corner incl. (Thirty Seconds To) MARS poster, Panda-Shannon and random clutter.
2015-09-03 18.43.42-1
Got some delicious teas. ❤
2015-09-04 00.39.12
My Sarah J. Maas books. I ordered Queen of Shadows on Friday.
2015-09-05 10.37.07-1
Saturday morning. Coffee, juice and books.
2015-09-05 20.12.38
Saturday Night. Reading and fluffy socks.


Have a lovely week ya’all!


Author: Fhina

Ocean soul. 30 years old book lover living in Helsinki, active reader and coffee addict.

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