Pulled Under – Sarah Darlington

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000035_00028]Title: Pulled Under (Kill Devil Hills #3)
Author: Sarah Darlington 
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance
Pages: 131
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Published: September 1st, 2015
Rating: 4 STARS
Buy: Amazon


man-child. noun.
: a grown man who is very immature, therefor considered a man-child

manwhore. noun.
: a promiscuous man who has no regard for his sexual partners or the emotional value of his relationships

Rhett Morgan couldn’t have been more wrong for me. The guy drank beer in the shower, for crying out loud. He had no prospects for the future, had slept with half the women in our beach town of Kill Devil Hills, and had no desire to change his manwhore ways.

And when Ben Turner, the guy I had loved from afar for the past four years, died and I couldn’t get over his death, I desperately needed a distraction. A distraction like Rhett. So I used him for a one-night stand. Because, after all, that’s the only thing a guy like Rhett is good for…right?

The arc was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.


(It’s recommended to only read on if you have read the 2 other books prior to that!)


I loved the first 2 books, Kill Devil Hills and Changing Tides, in the Kill Devil Hills – Series, so that the third installment in the series was one of my anticipated books this fall.

This book tells the story of Rhett and Sydney, whom we both know from the former books, but this books also covers the past and the time around and after Bens death. Losing him wasn’t only hard for Georgina and her family, also Sydney, who was secretly in love with Ben, suffers.

It starts off 2 and a half years prior to Bens death on Sydney’s 16. birthday. Back then she was the ugly duckling and the nerdy girl and no guy would really notice or look at her. While she cries her eyes out next to the dumpsters of the restaurant her brother took her out to, she encounters Rhett for the first time. She knows who he is and know his reputation.

Rhett is older than her. He enjoys meaningless sex and earns his monkey being a barkeeper. So he definitely isn’t the right guy for a girl like Sydney. When he see’s there crying he starts a conversation and she opens up to him and tells him that she’s never been kissed before while she just walked in on her crush having sex with his girlfriend.

He can’t quite believe it that a beautiful girl with so pretty green eyes has never been kissed. That compliment makes Sydney brave enough to lean in and kiss Rhett. They both enjoy it until her brother John shows up and ruins it. He takes her and tells her to never see Rhett again because he simply isn’t the right guy for her.

2 and a half years later Sydney isn’t much of the ugly duckling she used to be, but she still mourns and suffers from Bens death. She never got a chance to tell him how she felt and it shakes her world that she will never be able to see him again. At some point, Sydney decided it’s time to move on and she goes out to that bar where she knows she can meet that boy she met there 2 years ago on her 16. birthday. She wants to forget everything, move on and just get over it.

When she approaches Rhett and he noticed her, it’s like magic between them and you can feel that as a reader. Sydney gets exactly whar she wants – a one night stand with Rhett. But is this really all there is? Because Rhett doesn’t feel that way.

Sarah definitely knows how to write good and gripping stories, that soak you in and won’t let loose until you finish.

Author: Fhina

Ocean soul. 30 years old book lover living in Helsinki, active reader and coffee addict.

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