Feature & Follow Friday #12

Hi guys!
Sorry for being so inactive this week but it was kinda busy and exhausting. The next weeks will be pretty much the same I suppose, but I hope I can prepare some posts over the weekend that will then go online within the next weeks.  But now, ladys and gentlemen, it’s tome for another Feature and Follow Friday!


Feature and Follow Friday is a Blog Hop hosted by Rachel of Parajunkee’s and Alison of Alison can read. It’s for sharing your answers to questions, discovering new blogs and gaining new followers.

The question of this week was suggested by book cat pin

If you could have any animal in the world as a pet, what would you pick? Fictional ones count too! 

I would probably go for a (little) monkey.


Does the monkey come with the man? I want them both, a bear and a monkey for me!

Or maybe a little pygmy hedgehog?


But of course, most wanted would be a fluffy Unicorn!



I actually might order exaclty this unicorn. It’s just too hilarious!

What animal would you choose?

If you want to join this weekly meme, head over to Parajunkee (link will be updated when her post goes online!) or Alison can read for further instructions!



Author: Fhina

Ocean soul. 30 years old book lover living in Helsinki, active reader and coffee addict.

19 thoughts on “Feature & Follow Friday #12”

    1. Thank you for commenting!
      I really would want to have one since you can keep them in smaller apartments, too but you should be able to provide a constant 25°C better 27°C and that’s something I can’t. The apartment I live in is pretty cold during winters 😦


  1. My daughter actually this stuffed unicorn at the shore in the claw machine last week. It’s so cute. Love the monkey idea too! I followed via Goodreads, Twitter, and G+.
    Have a great week!
    My FF


  2. Hi Fhina! I would love to have Aslan the lion from the Narnia Chronicles at my house (but not as a pet, obviously). I enjoy all the Gifs and graphics in your posts! So… I have nominated you for a Blogger Recognition Award! Here is the link with the details:http://ponderingtheprose.blogspot.com/2015/08/blogger-recognition-award.html
    Please answer the questions when you have time. If you don’t have time, no worries! Have a great weekend.


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