Fhina’s Weekly Recap #6



Maaaan, I wanted to post at least one or 2 reviews this week but after a night out on Tuesday, yes Tuesday I was all week super exhausted from sleep deprivation and work did the rest…


So this week I went out to party since a long time. I rarely go out partying but it was my friends birthday so I decided to join. I didn’t really plan to get home at 6am in the morning but well…it was a really nice night out with lovely people, so I enjoyed it a lot.


And I can tell you, one night out and only 3 hours of sleep is nearly killing me for an entire week. How did I even survive going out 3-4 times a week with little to no sleep in the past? Now one night of partying and y~3 hours sleep, and I can’t do anything for days. Haha, I’m really getting old!


Otherwise work kept me pretty busy which is good I think.

Also, this weekend was Juhannus (Midsummer Fest). It’s a very important celebration for Finns and also a public holiday. The shops usually close at 12pm of the day before the Mid Summer day (Juhannusaatto) and they remain closed the entire coming Juhannus Day. The Finnish flags are hoisted by 6pm on Juhannusaatto and stays up throughout the night and the entire day until 9pm on Juhannus Day.
Many people from the larger cities go to their summer cottages to spend Juhannus with friends and family, have barbecues, sauna and a swim in the lake. The cities are scarifying empty during that time. Like really empty…and only tourists are there…

This video gives you a lot of information and it’s made very beautifully. Enjoy watching it!

Unfortunately the weather has been quite cold and it has been raining all day on Thursday already. It was more like autumn. Last night there was a huge fog wall coming into Helsinki and there has been still a lot of fog today in some parts of the city.


Today I met some friends. We were originally planning to go to a cake buffet but it has been closed due to Juhannus so we were wandering around trying to find something else to eat and we ended up eating Turkish. So delicious.

Afterwards we went for a beer and now I’m home and happy.

PS: Today is the longest day of the year. Sunrise in Helsinki was at 3:52pm and sunset will be at 10:50pm but of course it’s not getting entirely dark. I mentioned that in last weeks post already. It’s nice but also annoying…but now basically the “dark” season of the year will start again and I’m devastated about that! I just wish summer would finally start. I can’t stand this 12°C – 16°C anymore!


Talk to you soon!



Author: Fhina

Ocean soul. 30 years old book lover living in Helsinki, active reader and coffee addict.

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