Fhina’s Weekly Recap #5

Fhina’s Weekly Recap – Sunday Funday

It’s Sunday again and that mean it’s time for a little wrap up.


IMG_5608Friday night was so beautiful! Since it’s nearly Midsummer now, it’s not getting completely dark up here in the north. It’s called White Nights and it’s really just dawn but basically there’s no real darkness in the month of June. It’s actually really beautiful but also really annoying when you want to sleep. Haha – the struggle!

11406681_10153113445223821_5837361445860239313_oUnfortunately coming home wasn’t too nice. I found the glass of the entrance door to the building where I live smashed and broken – luckily only the outside glass – but still it’s scary and sad. Today I found a window in the laundry room broken…ugh scary!

11415489_10153114548728821_8027575477278936393_oBelieve it or not but Helsinki finally had the first warm day yesterday! It was so nice, sunny and warm that I strolled around the city, ate a Belgian Waffle and read in the sun. It was pretty much what I called a perfect day.





While walking around and sitting in the sun I listened to “Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn. I still have like 15 hours left of the audiobook (it’s the German version). I also found many more German audiobooks on Spotify so I will have a lot to listen to for the following years to come. Haha!

But today it’s gloomy and rainy again. I went to the bookstore because I wanted to buy 2 book but ended up going home empty handed. No idea what’s wrong but I have more than enough to read and I actually still wait for the book I preordered in April (!!!); I hope they will get it in soon. I believe this is also one thing I will look forward in Germany because it will be a lot easier getting things from Amazon. Surely I can order from Amazon to Finland but shipping is very expensive and takes ages…

A few more things in short:

  • My subject proposal and thesis plan have been accepted, that mean I can now officially start to work and write on my thesis;
  • I went to the gym – but only for the sake of going to the steam sauna;
  • But I have an hour of workout planned for tomorrow. Photos of proof will follow!;
  • I stared to read 2 books and 1 audiobook;
  • I also finished 2 books:
    Er ist wieder daTimur Vermes (audiobook)
    Angels’ Blood Nalini Singh
  • Berlin seems so real; I can’t wait.
  • The coming week is Juhannus – the Midsummer fest – here in Finland and the city will be super empty. I can’t wait walking around then…haha.

Have a great new week!



Author: Fhina

Ocean soul. 30 years old book lover living in Helsinki, active reader and coffee addict.

2 thoughts on “Fhina’s Weekly Recap #5”

    1. Hi!
      Sorry for just replying now.

      Well in Helsinki we haven’t Midnight Sun as such, it’s just not getting completely dark. This weekend is the Midsummer fest and the longest day of the year – yay! 🙂


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