Fhina’s Weekly Recap #4

Fhina’s Weekly Recap – Sunday Funday

Uhm…excuse me? That’s maybe the best way to start this post. I know I have been entirely lazy this ween but I have to say I didn’t feel like blogging and writing anything at all. Next to that, believe it or not, I have been sick again. Same stupid cold symptoms. I’m on antibiotic now and got medicine for my sinusitis, too. Blah, so done with this cold over and over again.

I know, I know! My last post was already a recap but well…happens I’d say?!

Two very important issues happened this week:

Firstly, I got to meet my commission party for my thesis. We talked through several things and I’m very excited about my thesis now! Next I will need to write my subject proposal (during next week) and wait for the approval of my thesis adviser and then I can finally start! Woop Woop!

And secondly I more or less have decided to move to Berlin after my graduation. I dropped the bomb onto my parents last Sunday and they seemed content with it. Most importantly: I feel comfortable with it but at the very same time anxious, excited and also scarred. It’s a huge step and big decision but I know that’s what will be the best on the long run.


Finland was my dream for a very long time and I still love like living in Finland but it’s definitely not the promised land it used to be years ago. The economic situation isn’t the best here right know and it’s probably easier to find a job in Germany. It’s really funny how thing do change. Years ago I’ve joined a FB-Group called “Saksalaiset Suomessa” (Germans in Finland) and now I have joined “Suomalaiset Berlinissä” (Finns in Germany). I know, I’m not Finnish but that doesn’t really matter after all, I just really wanna hear/talk Finnish in the future, too.

I know that in a city like Berlin it won’t be easy though but still easier than in Finland. Also, when you look at entrance level salaries or salaries interns get (after all doing a payed internship is also an option for a start) in Berlin and cost of living (maybe not so much rents but food etc.) are much cheaper in Germany (excluding mobile phone/telephone contracts…).  So yeah, job and apartment hunt as begun. I pretty much have my ideas on where about I would like to live and I hope that I can be lucky enough to find my dream place.

This is me apartment hunting... Nah, just kidding!
This is me apartment hunting… Nah, just kidding!

I know this will be me after a few weeks:

To all you Berlin-lovers out there: check out When you live in Berlin and When you really live in Berlin. I have to say that many thing are insiders and are only understood by persons who have lived in Berlin or who know the “culture” of Berlin (e.g. what’s going on in certain areas etc.). However, as you can guess, my excitement is pretty huge throughout all anxious moments.

Otherwise this week was calm and relaxed as always. The weather here is still way to cold for June and I really start to doubt that summer will ever start. Devastated.


I went for a walk this afternoon and it was so windy. OMG! That’s something I really hate about Helsinki! But at least it was sunny and since my old sunglasses are scratched, I decided to get myself new ones:


  • I didn’t start or read a single book this week;
  • Due to being sick I haven’t been to the gym again
  • I’m addicted to milk chocolate with salted popcorn and Spezi (Coco-Cola and Fanta)

Next week is the last week of my internship and then I’m free to start my thesis for real. As I mentioned before, I’m very excited and happy to start working with this project. I guess it will be a good one and very beneficial for my future (in Berlin).

I hope you are having a great start into yet another week!


PS: If you live in Berlin, feel free to drop me a line!




Author: Fhina

Ocean soul. 30 years old book lover living in Helsinki, active reader and coffee addict.

4 thoughts on “Fhina’s Weekly Recap #4”

  1. So exciting! And terrifying. Lol. Oh to be young. I wish I had the guts way back when. don’t get me wrong, I love my life now with my husband and kids, but I feel like there is an entire world out there waiting to be explored. Perhaps when the kids have all moved out and my husband and I have retired from our jobs, we’ll be able to do all the adventures you kids are having nowadays. 🙂

    Have a fantastic week, Fhina!


    1. Yes it is terrifying…somehow! I mean, I have been moving around Europe in the past (from Germany to Finland to Denmark to Spain back to Finland and again to Spain and finally back to Finland) so it’s nothing new but it will be weird returning to Germany for good. I will be like a foreigner in my own home country. Haha 😀

      I keep my fingers crossed that, someday, you will be able to travel! ❤


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