Happy Bookhaul Birthday to me!


Yep it’s my 28th birthday today.
Soon there will be the big 3 as a first digit.
I’m officially getting old!
How about no?


And because I’m getting old, I will treat my old bag of bones to a bottle of white wine tonight – all by myself with my hot sexy read. (Beware my goodreads/twitter, there may be smutty comments!)


I should mention that I usually never drink or at least very very rarely. First of all it’s not healthy to drink regularly and secondly, alcohol is extremely expensive in Finland due to high taxation and generally cost of living.

So since it’s my birthday, I decided to get myself some new and beautiful books!


Some of you may already know that I have ordered S. by Doug Dorst and J. J. Abrams earlier this month. I got the book about 2 weeks ago and I dearly love it already just for the concept alone which is fantastic! I haven’t started reading it yet, because I would want to read it when I can 100% focus on it only, but currently my thesis have absolute priority, of course!

S1  S2
S3  S4 S5

Then I went to my local bookstore on Thursday and picked up some more books:


And I got one ebook from Amazon:



So many great books, I can’t wait to pick them up and read them!
I’m very very excited!

tumblr_m9fs3l8zYx1qaozum tumblr_leo1i3FVB91qd6aer
(Sorry you guys, I needed to put some funny MARS gifs)



Author: Fhina

Ocean soul. 30 years old book lover living in Helsinki, active reader and coffee addict.

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