Ordinary Wins – Margarita Felices

Title: Ordinary Wins
 Margarita Felices
Pages: 73
Published: April 15th 2015 by Books to Go Now
Rating: 4 Stars
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Have you ever worried that life has passed you by? They do say that life begins at forty.
When Nicci Lace woke up one day and wondered where her life had gone, she never counted on what would happen to her next?
What if you had the chance to jet off with someone famous that picked you over all those beautiful models?
Ordinary you!

It seems life really does begin at forty after all. (goodreads)





Ordinary Wins is the story of Nicci Lace.
The book was a really nice, pleasant and heartwarming read that I enjoyed a lot. I was able to identify myself with Nicci who’s just the ordinary girl next door. She isn’t ugly at all but not a beauty queen either and just living her very ordinary life. She loves music and when she discovers a band called Smitherene, it’s instant love. When the band comes to her home town Cardiff, she decided to go to see their show and there she will meet someone who will make her life go upside down…

This book made me chuckle a bit. Maybe I’m just still a little too much into a certain fandom but I could make up some parallels with another well-known band.

The message it conveys is very important: Women, you are beautiful inside out, no matter what the media tries to tell you. Being underweight isn’t healthy; overweight/obesity neither! Love yourself the way you are, but be healthy and active! Change and work for yourself if YOU want to make a change but don’t let anyone else tell you what to do. Never forget that most models aren’t healthy and photo-shopped and most importantly, in the real world, ordinary wins.

I received this book as an ACR from the author. Thank you so much Margarita!


Author: Fhina

Ocean soul. 30 years old book lover living in Helsinki, active reader and coffee addict.

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