[Wrap-Up] What I’ve read in April

I’m not sure whether I’m satisfied with the outcome of March or not. I read a total of 6 books; 1545 pages which makes 51,5 pages a day. But I have to say that I have been (and still am) in a reading slump since Mid-April… Also I listened to one Audiobook.

Highlights definitely were Clockwork Princess by Cassandra ClareHyperbole and a half by Allie Brosh and How To Build A Girl (Audiobook) by Caitlin Moran. These books are so different from each other and yet I have them all a 5-Star rating.


Clockwork Princess was the epic final of The Infernal Devices Series and I even shed some little tears. I was so taking by this book that I practically rushed through this book in less than 2 days (and I’m a very slow reader). See my review here.







I just LOVE Hyperbole!!!
Hyperbole and a half is so cute, yet touches so serious topics and I loved every bit of it. I just really love cute little Hyperbole.







How To Build A Girl made me laugh so much. I really, really liked this audiobook. I will post a proper review once I have read the physical book.







I’ve received an ARC of Mad Season by Katia Wildermann. See my review on GoodReads or on my Blog.


Ordinary Wins was sent to me by the author, Margarita Felices. The book was a really nice and pleasant read that I enjoyed a lot. The message it conveys is very important: Women, you are beautiful inside out, no matter what the media tries to tell you. Being underweight isn’t healthy; overweight/obese neither! Love yourself the way you are, but be healthy and active! Change and work for yourself if YOU want to make a change but don’t let anyone else tell you what to do. Never forget that most Models aren’t healthy and photo-shopped and most importantly, in the real world, ordinary wins.




One Night Of Sin was simply hot. The way Elle Kennedy builds the relationship between Skyler and Gage is so electrifying and steamy. The sexy-times scenes really are hot and I can’t wait to read more of the After Hour Series.







The book I liked least this months was Divine Scream by Benjamin Kane Ethridge.

Somehow this book was just too confusing to me to give it more than 3 Stars. It also lacked in deepness for me but that is just my very own opinion. You can read my review on Goodreads.

I received this book via LibraryThing in exchange for an honest review.


Author: Fhina

Ocean soul. 30 years old book lover living in Helsinki, active reader and coffee addict.

2 thoughts on “[Wrap-Up] What I’ve read in April”

  1. I don’t know why, but I never wanted to read any of Cassandra Clare’s books! I do something on my blog every month where my readers vote for my BOTM, and this time around I chose 6 books that I would never pick up on my own, and guess what? City of Bones is on the list! lmao. So who knows, maybe someone wants to see me mentally die by picking that book lol. I heard really great things about How To Build A Girl, so I might have to add that to my TBR. & yes Hyperbole!! Great wrap-up Fhina!


    1. I was super hesitant about picking up any of The Mortal Instruments Books but my friend bounced about them last summer and I started so read a bit about them and then got the 3 book collection and loved it. 🙂
      But it’s nice that people have different tastes.

      How To Build A Girl is totally epic. I nearly spit my coffee onto a lady sitting opposite of me in the metro while I listened to it. 😀 It’s hilarious, I swear!


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