Mad Season – Katia Wildermann

I received this ARC from the author in exchange of an honest review.
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Being caught—literally—between her nerdy neighbor and the MMA fighter her agency managed wasn’t as bad as Lyla might have expected. That is, if she’d ever expected to be in this situation.

Lyla Mason knows she’ll have her hands full when her boss assigns her to babysit Callum Reed, MMA fighter and her PR agency’s latest client. He is used to getting his way, and hotter than hell, both in the cage and in the bedroom, or on the floor, in the elevator…. Social media sites are rife with photos of him in compromising situations, and she’s been tasked with cleaning up his image before he launches into the most important season of his career.

Game designer Adam Rhodes has been trying to figure out how to get in Lyla’s pants ever since she moved in a year ago. His apartment shares a paper-thin wall with hers, and hearing her make use of her vibrator on a nearly nightly basis has his firm attention. Her rack and rockin’ body is totally worth putting his PS4 controller down for. She’d totally freak out if she knew he’d hacked into her webcam so he could watch….

Callum Reed never expected to clean up his wicked ways, but his trainer insists he’ll never get good sponsors if he keeps sexting to barfly hookups and having his junk turn up on the internet. He resisted the whole idea of letting a PR Agency dictate his “brand” until he catches sight of Lyla. She may hide behind her glasses and power suits, but she is a sex kitten just waiting to be set free.

When Lyla and her bosses decide Callum needs to lay low while they start the image makeover process, Cal rents the apartment across the hall from Lyla. Little did anyone know that a simple change of address would throw gasoline on a smoldering fire.

Holy shit, Mad Season really was hot! Lyla was just a perfect female character and Adam, her nerdy neighbour and Callum her new MMA-Fighter client are both just so hot in their very own way.

I just love how the characters were written and shaped. Considering that the book is only a novella and that it’s pretty short, the characters were awesome.

Lyla Mason the one who’s expected to clean up Callum Reed’s image works for the PR-company Kincaid and Masters, and is more than just lucky to have this job. Being hesitant at first about “the case Callum” she soon finds out that this could be her chance to show how good she really is.


Some things just made me chuckle so much about her.

“For a guy who reportedly got laid every night, he sure blew his wad in a hurry”


Adam  Rhodes is willing to help Lyla cleaning Callum’s image in removing any kind of obscene stuff from the internet and in exchange she promises him, that he can meet him. He just fabulous and very sweet…and such a little dirty boy! Adam may be the best prove that nerd guys can be hot…



Callum Reeds…I don’t even know what to say. Usually I’m not into über-muscular guys but he really is hot in the book… But he definitely has more than just image problems…

“He was much more of a lost soul than she’d anticipated, and she wanted to comfort him – almost as much as she wanted to fuck him again.”

And his cockiness is just hilarious!

“Mr. Reed,” she said calmly, sliding her classed off and letting them hand from their onyx chain. “Do you know what is about to happen?” He blinked. “A blowjob, I hope,” he said brazenly.

I just love how the story goes and all the happenings. There’s not too much around is but also not to less. The story is hot, steamy and sexy and therefore something I really love to read. Often it takes ages for the characters to get to business and, of course, that’s fine but it’s also nice to read something where is less talk and drama and it goes straight to business…

I rated the book with 4.5 Stars. Fabulous and I’m looking forward to read more by Katia.


Author: Fhina

Ocean soul. 30 years old book lover living in Helsinki, active reader and coffee addict.

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